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In the Media

(a selection of media from the Shackleton Epic expedition)


In interview with Ann Curry, NBC News – Dec 2013

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ABC News24 – Australia – November 2013


Discovery UK, Shackleton Death or Glory previews

CNN after completing the Shackleton Epic expedition – March 2013

Interview with Arup after returning from the Shackleton Epic expedition – March 2013

ABC NEWS America before departing on the Shackleton Epic expedition – October 2012

ABC US News | ABC Business News

More video

Interview with Eamonn Holmes to launch the film Shackleton Death or Glory- Sky News Sunrise  – October 2013

60Minutes Australia interview – November 2013

News Media

Red Bulletin: The New Shackleton, The Red Bulletin, 1 November 2012

‘You’re just a tiny speck in this tumultuous ocean’, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 January 2013

Explorers complete Shackleton’s voyage, Sydney Morning Herald, 11 February 2013

Explorers complete epic Shackleton journey, Australian Geographic, 11 February 2013

Shackleton: Explorers complete epic journey, Sky News, 11 February 2013

Explorers complete Shackleton’s epic Antarctic journey, The Telegrahp, 11 February 2013  

Australians re-create Shackleton expedition, ABC Radio, 12 February 2013

Explorers complete Ernest Shackleton’s epic Antarctic journey, The Times, 12 February 2013 

An epic finale to a truly epic adventure, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 February 2013

Explorers complete Shackleton’s epic Antarctic journey, Dorset Echo, 13 February 2013

Epic Shackleton re-enactment voyage spurs others to dream big, Adelaide Advertiser, 13 February 2013

Our hellish trek in the footsteps (and boots) of Shackleton, The Telegraph, 17 February 2013

Nick Bubb and Paul Larsen on their expedition, following in the footsteps of Shackleton. BBC Radio, 27 February 2013

Repeating Shackleton’s amazing journey,  ITV, 27 February 2013

Hero returns after a particularly hard day at the office, Sydney Morning Herald, 2 March 2013

Adventurer Tim Jarvis survives to tell of his recreation of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic journey,, 3 March 2013

In his footsteps: adventurer Tim Jarvis returns from Shackleton journey, ABC Mornings with Ian Henschke, 5 March 2013

Tim Jarvis AM announced as WWF-Australia Global Ambassador, 20 November 2014

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: The Endurance, Ernest Shackleton and Sustainability, Thomson Reuters, 6 January 2014

Explorer recreates part of Shackleton’s ordeal, the greatest survival journey of all time, Blog Chron, 8 January 2014

Shackleton’s Impossible Mission, Again, Men’s Journal, 8 January 2014

National Geographic weekend radio show, Tim Jarvis in interview, 9 February 2014

Difficulty taken to extremes, West Australian, 24 February 2014

Tim Jarvis: polar adventurer and life strategist, Australian Financial Review, 3 May 2014

Shackleton: By Endurance We Conquer, book review by Tim Jarvis, Irish Times, 7 February 2015

WVIA Radio Interview with Tim Jarvis, March 2015

When Alexandra Shackleton saw her granddad Sir Ernest Shackleton smile, it was almost reality, Sydney Morning Herald, 1 April 2015

Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s heroic failure celebrated in new exhibition, Interview with Alexandra Shackleton and Tim Jarvis, ABC Radio National, 2 April 2015

Into the Wild: Why we’re channelling Adventurer Tim Jarvis AM, Country Road Magazine, 9 April 2015


Media Releases

Monday 11 March, 2013Australian Business Leaders Urged To Think Deeper
Thursday 28 February, 2013
Awe-Inspiring Shackleton Epic Expedition Brings Classroom Study of Antarctic Environment to Life
Friday 15 February, 2013
Shackleton Epic Crew Pay Tribute to ‘The Boss’ at Shackleton Gravesite
Monday 11 February 2013
Shackleton Epic Expedition Arrives Triumphantly at Stromness
Sunday 10 February 2013 (PM)
Climbers Approach Crean Glacier
Sunday 10 February 2013 (AM)
Shackleton Epic Trek Resumes
Saturday 9 February 2013
Adventurers Stranded on Plateau Above Glacier at ‘Shackleton’s Gap’
Saturday 9 February 2013
Weather Causes Havoc on Mountain
Friday 8 February, 2013
Shackleton Epic Departs on Final Leg of Expedition
Thursday 7 February, 2013
Shackleton Epic Expedition To Depart On Final Leg of Expedition Within 24 Hours
Monday 4 February, 2013
Crew of Shackleton Epic Land Triumphantly at Peggotty Bluff, South Georgia
Sunday 3 February, 2013Shackleton Epic Expedition Nears South Georgia Friday 1 February, 2013
Alexandra Shackleton Closing On South Georgia With 180 Miles To Sail…
Monday 28 January, 2013
Day 4 News Release: What A Difference A Day Makes
Friday 25 January, 2013
Southern Ocean Delivers on all Fronts for Shackleton Epic’s First Day at Sea
Thursday 24 January, 2013
Expedition Departs Elephant Island Bound for South Georgia
Wednesday 23 January, 2013
Shackleton Epic Expedition Due to Depart Within 24Hours
Wednesday 16 January, 2013
Media Advisory Shackleton Epic: Historic Expedition Prepares to Depart Elephant Island on 20 January, 2013 
Friday 11 January, 2013
Shackleton Epic Crew Begin Final Sea Trials
Wednesday 2 January, 2013
Support Vessel Australis and crew now due to depart Ushuaia on 3 January
Tuesday 1 January, 2013
Expedition Leader Tim Jarvis and Crew Prepare to Depart on 2 January from Ushuaia
Friday 28 December, 2012
Shackleton Epic Expedition – Key Dates and Contacts
Tuesday 4 December, 2012
Shackleton Epic LeadershipRound Table Announced
Sunday 2 December, 2012
Acclaimed Australian Adventurer Set to Embark on History’s Most Challenging Expedition
Sunday 2 December, 2012
Shackleton Epic’s Presenting PartnerIntrepid Travel Makes Significant Carbon Cuts
Wednesday 13 November, 2012
Shackleton Epic: Extreme Ice Conditions in Antarctica
Monday 24 September, 2012
World Renowned Expedition Leader Announces Vision for First Authentic Shackleton Re-Enactment
Thursday 6 September, 2012
21st Century Crew Announced for First Authentic Shackleton Re-Enactment

Media Backgrounders

Media Background:Shackleton Epic at a Glance Media Background:21st Century Expedition Media Background:Tim Jarvis
Media Background:Alexandra Shackleton Crew Bios Media Background:Alexandra Shackleton Lifeboat Media Background:The Original Journey
Media Background:Sponsors Media Background:Conservation Partner – Fauna & Flora International Media Background:Shackleton Epic Support Vessel
Media Background:Australis Crew Bios

Hi-Res Images for Download (including expedition map)

Click here to open a high resolution image gallery via Dropbox. You can then download the zip file of all, or selected, files. Captions are in the image title – please contact us if you need further information.

Video Footage for Download

Terms of use: this video footage is provided by Shackleton Epic pty ltd for the purpose of assisting media with broadcast and/or online news stories about Shackleton Epic (the expedition).  This footage can only be used in association with stories about Shackleton Epic and is only authorised to be used by bona fide media organisations.  Shackleton Epic must be credited with providing the footage.  The footage cannot be sold, or re-broadcast without the prior written consent of Shackleton Epic pty ltd.

Shackleton Epic Expedition Footage (Southern Ocean Crossing + South Georgia Climb) 22 February

Download from dropbox Shackleton Epic News Credit RAW-TV/Shackleton Epic

Shackleton Epic Crew Complete Expedition (Stromness, South Georgia) PAL Version

2130hrs GMT 10 FEBRUARY 2013/1130hrs AEDT 11 FEBRUARY

Clip 1

Expedition leader Tim Jarvis arrives at Stromness, South Georgia after completing the second and final leg of Shackleton Epic.  Footage courtesy of Jo Stewart/ Shackleton Epic

Clip 2

LtoR: Expedition leader Tim Jarvis, Navigator Paul Larsen (modern gear) and Mountaineer Barry Gray arrive at Stromness after a gruelling three-day climb across the mountains and crevasses of South Georgia Island at the finish of Shackleton Epic.  Footage courtesy of Jo Stewart/Shackleton Epic

Footage credit: Jo Stewart/Shackleton Epic

Shackleton Epic Crew arrive at South Georgia (1530hrs GMT/UTC 03 Feb)

(PAL Version)

Click here to download footage

Please credit footage to Shackleton Epic.

Capsize Testing Footage

The following link will take you to the two files of footage from the capsize testing during the Shackleton Epic sea trials, in March 2012  These trials were conducted in Portland Marina, Dorset UK, the footage was shot by Peter Wooldridge.

The view from outside Alexandra Shackleton shows the crew testing what happens when the vessel capsizes. The internal footage shows how small/cramped she is below deck and you will see a “dummy” rolling over and landing on the roof when she is capsized. Four men and the gear will be below deck at most times – two people will be on-deck at most times.

PAL Media VNR including Backgrounder Video with Slated B-Roll

Footage available for download via the following dropbox link

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