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IMG_5490_web (Medium)15 February AEDT/14 February GMT 2013:  Rendezvous and Toast with Shackleton’s Granddaughter, the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton at Grytviken a Fitting Finale to ‘Epic’ Expedition

It was a fitting tribute to conclude one of the most gruelling expeditions in recent times.  A mug of Shackleton’s favourite scotch, a toast raised to ‘the Boss’ and the last dram of Mackinlay’s poured onto the gravesite in an offering to his legendary achievements.

Today the six members of Shackleton Epic crew met with their Patron and their boat’s namesake, The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton at the gravesite of Sir Ernest, who is buried at Grytviken, South Georgia, where he died in 1922.

Expedition Leader Tim Jarvis, skipper Nick Bubb, navigator Paul Larsen, mountaineer Baz Gray, bosun Seb Coulthard and cameraman Ed Wardle made a rendezvous with Ms. Shackleton to reflect on their own achievement and pay a deeply felt tribute to Sir Ernest, that was four years in the making.

“No one since my grandfather has done the “Shackleton Double” [in the way that Tim and his crew have done this] – the voyage of 800 nautical miles in a not-quite 23 foot boat, and then the climbing of South Georgia,” Alexandra Shackleton said.

“I knew someone would do it; I wanted them to do it properly and I thought Tim with his track record was the person who could do this. It’s been four years of preparation and now it’s such a wonderful moment to be here with him in Grytviken, with the sun shining and the sea shimmering, and it’s a very wonderful, moving moment and I’m a very proud patron,” she said. read more

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